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About Me






Giulietta is the real Italian name of Romeo’s Juliet.

  A tale synonymous with love.

Giulietta Bridal Alteration Studio was born from a lifelong love of Fashion and particulary Bridal fashion.

At 6 years old I was a bridesmaid and fell in love with the romance of it all. (well the dresses!)

The following Christmas I wished for and received a new doll clothed in a wedding dress and my destiny was set in motion.


After a great career in the clothing industry  I am now working ‘just for me’  my own business, my own studio. Keeping Brides part of my life!

I look forward to meeting you 

  Samantha x







My vision is for Giulietta to be a welcoming, comfortable luxurious bridal haven, adorned with beautiful ornate mirrors, a spacious plush dressing room within a relaxed environment where the whole bridal party can indulge in a first class and exclusive customer experience. 

  Your party deserves to feel cocooned in their own private appointment whilst having dresses expertly fitted and sewn to a very high standard in my own Atelier.

It does not matter where or when your gown was purchased, Sale dress or perhaps it’s vintage, worn by generations, what matters is the onward journey to your wedding day.

The ‘only’ requirement is to book your first fitting as soon as you have bought or ordered your dress.



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