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  • When should I have my first fitting?
    6 -8 weeks before your wedding date or date of travel if having a destination wedding. You can book in as soon as you have purchased your dress to secure a place. If you are getting married within the next 8 weeks , call us asap.
  • How much will my alterations cost ?
    The alteration cost is dependant on what work is required to get that perfect fit. We would advise on £280 to £450 for a wedding dress. If the gown is heavily embellished the cost will be at the higher end. An accurate cost will be given to you at your fitting.
  • What do I need to bring to my fitting?
    * Do bring your wedding shoes, if you havent bought them yet bring a pair of the same height. * Any underwear you have bought to see if it sits well with the style of dress. Most of the corseted styles do not require a bra. * I would advise on not wearing any fake tan or heavy make up as the oils in it can stain the dresses making it hard to remove without profesional cleaning * A trusted friend or relative for support. Its an intimate experience and too many opinions are unhelpful however well meaning.
  • Who can I bring to my fitting with me?
    The studio is small and intimate for your comfort, it can seat upto three guests comfortably and to enable me to work also for the bride to walk around in the dress without restriction.
  • When do I pay for my Alterations?
    A £70.00 fitting fee is payable at the first fitting, This covers two fittings, pressing plus storage and Insurance. An accurate cost of the alterations required will be given at the first fitting. 50% of that cost is payable at your first fitting. The remaining balance is due upon competion/second fitting. I have an izettle card payment machine.
  • I am losing weight for my wedding, will this affect my alterations?"
    It is preferable to be at your slimming goal at your first fitting, as a major change of shape at the second fit could mean a further charge and delays. I am happy to discuss your time line with you if you are still on your slimming journey.
  • I've never had a dress fitting before , can I chat to you first?"
    Yes of course! Half hour consultations are free of charge, Just call for an appointment with your dress.
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